Always Wanting More

by Ted Hajnasiewicz

The sirens wail as I head out toward the smoke Cause my mama wanted to know what was goin' on I'm chasin' after a story that never was ours Cause our lives were pretty boring I guess that's not so bad But we were always wanting more Gossip rags to social tags, it's all too much for me Fake news just might be true, you never know I'm chasin' after excitement that never was mine Cause I need to see the light And I'm stumbling Always wanting more Ghosts, spiders and vampires Something creepin' under my bed Keeps me up late at night But also may be my only friend Nothing's changin' but me Nothin's changin' me Nothin's changin' but me Nothin's changin' me And I'm still the same We're all the same We're all livin' stories that were told before That ain't so bad But we're always wanting more
I'm Tired 04:00
I'm tired Tired of being the nice guy Tired of being that last guy Who'd let you down I'm so tired Tired of showing up on time Only to feel left behind And led around Just one time I wanna tell you Time I wanna tell you how I feel Just one time I wanna show you Time I wanna show you what's real Tired of putting it all on the line Tired of giving up all my time With my nose to the grind Oh Tired of living in this lie Tired of going the extra mile I'm tired of putting on this damn smile Oh I'm so tired Of pretending it's all the same Of playing by rules that seem to change To hold me down
I wanna see the strawberry moon I wanna enjoy roses in bloom I don't really care about those things I just love to be with you I'm a man of simple taste Kinda boring, with time to waste But one thing gets me moving in haste It's the chance that you and I might dance To our favorite song that just came on I love to be with you The world may fall down around us  The sky may turn black and blue Darkest days can't stop us After all that we've been through It's just me and you Winter shivers, or summer heat No one season is complete But nothing sweeps me off my feet Like the sight of your eyes As they look into mine Or the scent of your perfume Like sweet peas in bloom Or  the sound your laughter Here ever after I love to be with you
It must be so hard to never trust anyone Always on guard Must be so lonely looking over your shoulder Waiting for your savior to fall You must be so hard, to never let me in Always counting every sin Am I the only one you think up to no good? I'm waiting for your barriers to fall Am I just stupid?  Am I naive?  Are you so sure of what's up my sleeve Am I the devil?  What is my scheme? You look so sad and lonely to me
I wanna dance with you and pretend this ain't happening As our cities burn And people yearn for answers I wanna hold your hand And look into your eyes And forget that people die So many people die Just because they ain't like me I wanna dance with you Slowly through disaster As our fury burns And people turn on each other I wanna press into The comfort of your embrace While my mind begins to race Why's it always gotta race Maybe I need to face This ain't about me And I should start listening I wanna dance with you And see you for the first time And look you in the eye And apologize And maybe even try Try and make right Try and make right For the very first time
Last Regret 03:54
Yesterday’s papers don’t carry anything true This old habit’s piling up on me and you it’s nothing new, just something to do, here I am still jones’in for you Can’t get the courage to tell one other we’re through Now it’s the last cigarette I swear I’m done for good try and put out (quench) your memory light and pull, pull, pull Your my last regret We’ve been drifting around and hanging low Obscuring details that tell you I should go stoked hearts, one handed roll, you  lit me up good and slow signals smoke in our eyes, you’d think we’d know The problem with me is a problem with you Why can’t I just forget? There’s a problem with you in the pit of my heart loving you is my finest sin - you’re my last regret don’t need a map to find my way to wrong Probably cause I’ve been going there for so long my voice is gone, skipping song, still you’ll find me singing along Even lost, there’s somethin good about being gone
I See You 03:31
I suppose it’s safe to say, You’re gonna love me anyway I’ll gladly offer up the same, Let’s start there Let’s start right there Does it sound kinda lame, Meeting up halfway? I can’t hear you when you pray From here, So let’s start there I see you, I see you and it’s hard for me to reconcile the person I knew With the one on display I see you, I see you And I only want to understand Where you’re coming from, What you’re running from Where we started from feels so far away Today Common ground is not so common now And our certainty's just gettin' loud Where last words win the war in our minds, But our hearts are slain Common ground is falling out  Who said we had to play this game I'll come your way, Will you come my way? I see you, I see you Is it hard for you to reconcile The person you thought you knew With the person I am today I see, I see you And I'm hoping you will understand Where I'm coming from, What I'm running from What have we become
Welcome Home 02:57
Here comes the bride She's all dressed in white Her past is the past, at last She's anticipating Here comes the groom He's gone and built a room His blood was spilled as payment He's anticipating He says "I've waited a very long time My bride, welcome home I've waited a very long time My bride, welcome home Welcome home
Tell me a man stepped foot on the moon, I have my doubts Tell me God in flesh came for me and you, I have my doubts Tell me the whole world is in on this charade, I have my doubts Tell me nobody cares, tell me every body cares, I have my doubts Is the baby being thrown out with the bathwater? Are we too quick to cancel everyone? Is it a sin to give the benefit of doubt? I have my doubts We have a leaders who we blindly follow, I have my doubts We have media that make us fear tomorrow, I have my doubts We have pandemics that are politicized, I have my doubts We think we have it all figured out, I have my doubts Is it possible we're all just a little right All the while we're just a little wrong? Is it possible your point of view is just a point of view? I have my doubts I have my doubts - but I'm willing to listen I have my doubts - but I'm willing to try
Paradox 03:29
A paradox walk into a bar after a long day of dodgin' bullets They say bartender pour us something strong You have no idea what it's like to not belong I don't know why they want us to die But I'm told we taste good inside Inside Their fat bellies, mixed with stuffing, Like a turkey Do we look like turkeys? Turkeys don't even fly And they got that weird neck thing swingin side to side A paradox walk into a bar after a long day savin' lives They say bartender pour us something light Oh the news I had to tell that pour wife About her husband, eating pods of tide Like he's some kinda teenager That's the strangest witness of a mid-life I mean, go buy a car, or a motor bike Why would you eat plastic and poison jelly? But who am I to judge? I've never eaten poison jelly Might be the best thing I've ever tasted Might taste like turkey A paradox walk into a bar tied to the feet of a hippy Who said bartender pour me something cage-free But no vegan, I actually eat meat I'm not who you think I be I like to hunt and fish, and I vote conservative I just don't like my birds in cages I like to shoot 'em as they fly away And even though I finished high school I wrote a song about how I'm a fool don't even know what paradox means I just know I don't like turkey


Produced by Ted Hajnasiewicz


released April 26, 2021

Ted Hajnasiewicz - vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, keys
Tobias Wilson - dobro, pedal steel, synth, bass, acoustic guitars
Keith Chrysler - guitar
Matt Graunke - guitars
Sarah Morris - vocals


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Ted Hajnasiewicz Minneapolis, Minnesota

Driven to write the perfect song, Minneapolis-born singer/songwriter Ted Hajnasiewicz performs with a magnetizing honesty and reflective tone that speaks to the very essence of the human spirit.

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