Shelter In

by Ted Hajnasiewicz

He took 17 stitches by the age of five Tryin' to pop wheelies on a slip and slide He put his arm into a big ole beehive Cause the sweet is worth the sting In his twenties he was sent To go and fight a war Without knowin’ or carin’ What he was there for But he did what he had to To stay and keep his friends alive He went from sidekick to superhero He kept his friends alive But when he came back home Nobody cared or realized Made a family of five with his second wife The last women he loved, The apple of his eye His own beehive And the sweet was worth the sting And we'd watch them float across the floor Effortlessly, In no particular order Had a language all their own And a rhythm only they could know Sidekick to superhero Oh, how he loved her so With a love only they could know When you know, you know, you know? He was the king of dad jokes As mama rolled her eyes But we all knew in her heart Was a big ole tender smile And as I get old, I use the skills I learned Long live the king, now it's now my turn We all do what we know Now, I'm a sidekick to a superhero That part is true Now I told you all I know The rest is up to you
I read in the headlines today They sent my granddaughter off to war But it wasn't the war of yesterday This isn't what she signed up She told me, "Grandpa you'd never believe What some people do and say At any given moment I wanna leave But I show up anyway" So I tell her “My love... “Be gentle, be kind Leave all the bad things behind you Be safe, be brave But most of all, my love Be safe…” And my sister, she’s still fightin' At the county hospital So many lives in the balance The front line is never dull She says, "Brother you'd never believe The conditions I'm workin' in At any given moment I wanna leave But if I did who would step in?”
Untitled 03:26
I don't know just how to get across This feeling of frustration and loss This feeling that something is amiss So this song will be remiss My words will never rightfully portray That which I don't know how to say So I gave it no name Cause that would put a name my pain I've been lugging cabs and amps all my life My guitars are buzzin' but I ain't tonight This feeling that I just don't belong Keeps creepin' back into this tired song My words will never rightfully portray That which I don't know how to say Nobody knows my name And that's ok cause I got nothin' to say The fortune teller told me a big lie Said all around the world singin' would I But she just told me what I want to hear And now I play for big talkers and beer My words will never rightfully portray That which I don't know how to say So I gave it no name Cause that would put a name my shame
AT&T 03:46
AT&T Ain't you got nothin' for me? My phone don't flip anymore And it never rings It just buzzes and bings With little words all over the screen Nobody talks anymore And now we can't even hug anymore What the hell are we livin' for Nobody knocks on the door AT&T You ain't got nothin' on me I paid my bill three months ago I'll see you in another three You can't take what I don't have The factory done closed it's doors Until it's safe to breathe again And being together’s no longer a sin Oh, how I miss way back when AT&T Are you even still a thing? I heard Verizon came to town Shut Sprint and T-mobile down Like a game of Monopoly And now we're slaves to the company The same company that furloughed me Put my family out on the street AT&T How I miss those simple days When T9 was all the craze Before the algorithm haze Before emojis were expressions of love We had home cookin' and the Lord above And we swept the rest right under the rug Nobody needed to know
With one word the world was closed Everybody was shut in I'm gettin’ used to the same clothes But the threads are wearin’ thin The best part of my day Was getting to see your face I've had enough of social distance And presidential pageantry When this is over, we'll all come over But for now, it's just you and me The best part of my day Is getting to see your face And they told us to shelter in place Yeah, they told us to shelter in place And I hope this isn't a disgrace Oh lord, but I miss your face And some day I hope and pray This isn't just a distant memory Cause even in though this kinda blows It's brought the best out of you and me The best part of my day Was getting to see your face And though I long for the sweetest embrace Right now, I get to see your face


Recorded mostly in quarantine with help from some wonderful friends:
Adam Lain - David Falbo - Gregg Ward
Katianna Carlon - Mark Ganje - Ryan Rud
Sarah Morris - Steve Kelzer - Tim Sunde

© 2020 Toronado Records


released August 15, 2020

Produced by Ted Hajnasiewicz
“Your Face My Day” mixed by Ryan Rud at the Rabbit Hole
Mastered by Gregg Ward at StudioArcade

All songs written by Ted Hajnasiewicz
℗ 2020 All the Angels Sing


all rights reserved



Ted Hajnasiewicz Minneapolis, Minnesota

Driven to write the perfect song, Minneapolis-born singer/songwriter Ted Hajnasiewicz performs with a magnetizing honesty and reflective tone that speaks to the very essence of the human spirit.

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